Liger Aero Steel
Pre-Evolution Genesis Liger 125MS
Evolution N/A
Burst Liger Beast.png
Owner Angus
Launcher Burst Launcher (Angus Ver.)

Energy Layer: Liger
Liger depicts its namesake, a liger, it is coloured in black, with chrome gold and blue accents. The Energy Layer is in the shape of a roaring lion, its mane forming sharp edges, with the face in the middle, mouth open, containing the element. The part has a pseudo-generator inside it, which is powered by the generator contained inside the Performance Tip, this second generator is used to give the bey more velocity, as it allows for a higher rate of energy generation.
Forge Disc: Aero
Aero is a Forge Disc designed for agility and speed. It is perfectly aerodynamic, sitting underneath the Energy Layer perfectly. Angus's Liger has a customized version, which has orbs that replace the wings found on the regular version, this creates an even more aerodynamic profile, and lend themselves well to barrage attacks. It is version is painted black, and blue.
Performance Tip: Steel
Steel is a custom Performance Tip, similar to the Xtreme Performance Tip, it has two major differences. The first is the addition of the wings vents, which vent excess electricity, but can also be used for greater attacking power. The second difference is that the tip portion of the Performance Tip is made from metal, which is where the name Steel comes from. The Performance Tip has gold metal, while the plastic is black.

Lightning Boost: Liger pushes its generators into overdrive, giving it an incredible boost of velocity, as it moves around the stadium at sonic speeds, it creates a trail of lightning, which is attracted to the the nearest metal object, the opposing bey's Forge Disc.

Liger Sabre: Liger uses electricity generated by the bey to form a Lightning Blade along the edge of its Energy Layer, Liger jumps at the opposing bey, slashing at then centre of the bey, focusing the blade into a sharp sword-like beam in an effort to cleave the opposing bey in two.

Genesis Exceed: Liger uses electricity generated by the bey to create an electromagnetic field, which draws the opposing bey towards it, also shutting down the generators inside the bey, while the opposing bey is unable to dodge, Liger barrages it.

Special Move
Liger Majesty: The spirit of Liger rises out of the bey creating a lightning storm as it does, the lightning is attracted to the opposing bey, striking it over and over. Liger falls from the clouds, pouncing on the opposing bey, grabbing it in its jaws and mauling it, before dropping it to the stadium. Liger then returns to bey form as the storm continues to rage, barraging the bey at hyper-speed, using a focused lightning blade that protrudes from it like a sword.

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