Liger Aero Xtreme
Pre-Evolution N/A
Evolution N/A
Owner Isolde
Launcher Burst Launcher (Lunefleur Ver.)

Energy Layer: Liger
Liger depicts its namesake, a liger, it is coloured in black, with chrome gold accents. The Energy Layer is in the shape of a roaring lion, its mane forming sharp edges, with the face in the middle, mouth open, containing the element. The part has a pseudo-generator inside it, which is powered by the generator contained inside the Performance Tip, this second generator is used to give the bey more velocity, as it allows for a higher rate of energy generation.
Forge Disc: Aero
Aero is a Forge Disk designed for agility and speed. It is perfectly aerodynamic, sitting underneath the Energy Layer perfectly. The Disc also has wings, which, as well as assisting the bey to jump higher, and for longer periods of time, are also useful for slicing other beys. Liger's version is painted black.
Performance Tip: Xtreme
Xtreme is a common attack-type Performance Tip, it contains an adjustable generator, which attunes itself to the element of the bey. It is of a medium height, with a wide, flat tip, which makes the bey fast and aggressive. Liger's version is chrome gold is colour.

Liger Exceed: Liger pushes both its generators into overdrive, this gives Liger in an incredible increase in velocity, with the side effect of sending out arcing beams, which are attracted to the nearest source of energy besides Liger, which is the opposing bey.

Regal Edge: Liger uses energy generated by the bey to form an Energy Blade along the edge of its Energy Layer, Liger slips under the opposing bey, and grinds upwards, slicing into it.

Beam Buster: Liger uses the energy generated by the bey to boost its velocity, this boost forms a ring of energy around the bey, moving extremely fast, Liger barrages the opposing bey with hits, before firing the ring of energy at it, focused into a beam.

Special Move
Liger Majesty: The spirit of Liger rises out of the bey, it pounces on the opposing bey, grabbing it in its teeth, throwing it around, before spitting it back to the stadium. Liger then barrages the opposing bey at hyper-speed, a beam of energy coating the bey to give it greater power.

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