Lin Menghu
Biographical information
Gender Female
Age 16
Past Beyblade(s) None
Current Beyblade(s) Tigris Jerk Gyro
Friends Isolde



Occupation(s) Student
Behind the scenes

Lin Menghu is a student at Peacemillion Academy, the most prestigious school for bladers in the world.



Lin is a thin girl of average height, she has amber eyes and black hair, which she ties up in a ponytail, leaving the top and fringe loose, a popular style among girls at the time.

She can often be seen wearing her school uniform, or a sleeveless white shirt, with pink skinny jeans, brown boots, and a dark fuschia jacket, which she wears draped over her arms.


Lin is strong-minded, and demure, preferring to keep in the background, however she gets quiet loud and passionate when talking about things she enjoys. Lin does not enjoy talking about her home country, getting angry when people ask her about it, as she feels it has been ruined by a dangerous maniac.


Lin battles with Tigris Jerk Gyro, an attack/balance-type bey, containing the spirit of Byakko, the White Tiger of the West.


Lin was born in China, before Emperor Xiao sealed it off from the outside world, her family fled China before it was completely sealed off, choosing to settle in Germany. Lin's family paid for her to attend Peacemillion, spending much of the family fortune as they paid for all the fees at once.

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