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Lucifer Icon
Dark Devil (黑魔, Burakku Deva)
Birthdate Capricorn 28 December
Gender Male Male
Age Unknown
Height 250 cm
Weight 120 kg
Species Demon
Spirit Class S
Ultimate Trick Requiem of Soul
Lost 0
Owner Chen Guoxing
Hometown Rōran
Beyblade Rank
Blader Registration 122894

"Darkness will never end !"
— Lucifer


Facebolt : Lucifer

Lucifer symbol is carved with a black demon with fire burning on it. Few diamonds are rotating around his body.

Energy Ring : Lucifer

Its a shining black ring that can only be used on the Prince of Hell metal wheel variation.

Fusion Wheel : Lucifer

The fusion wheel of Lucifer is a dark silver metal wheel made with legendary components. The metal can withstand super high temperature, not even sun can melt the metal. Apart from that, its hardness is comparable to diamond. The shape of the wheel is normal, except it's equipped with six sharp curved claws.

Spin Track: Lucifer

The spin track of Lucifer is made with legendary components as well. It has the same characteristics of Lucifer's fusion wheel as well, which can withstand high temperature and made up with six claws, however not sharp claws but repulsive claw which will balance the beyblade when it might hit the ground.

Performance tip: Prince Of Hell

It is a a special tip made with special component. It can withstand high temperature and capable of crushing diamond with it. When it's used with Lucifer components, the destruction strength is flipped thrice but defense is lower.


Lucifer Symbol



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