Minami is a character in the Beyblade Metal Revolution, she is a childhood rival of Hikaru Hasama. Her beyblade is Storm Byxis.


Minami has blonde hair and a light skin tone. She wears an orange shirt with a black short jacket and a royale blue skirt.


Minami is an enthuastic and strong blader, who never gives up. She has a reserved personality and is quite self-centred. She has a childhood rivalary with Hikaru, so they dont get along very well.


Minami first appears in the first episode, where she battles Madoka and her Mad Gasher 125F, and easily beats her. She then tells Madoka that she is in search of Hikaru, and that she has heard that she lives in Metal City.


Storm Byxis is Minami's first seen bey in the anime.

Special Moves

Random Hazzard This move was first used by Minami to knock out Madoka. Byxis splits into three, all of which move in opposite directions, after reaching a certain distance they crash into the opponent with great speed