Murder Ghoul is a beyblade owned by Psyra.

Murder Ghoul
Face Bolt: Ghoul Re-quip: Possession Mask
Ghoul is a transparent white face bolt with the design of Ghoul's eyes and the text "GHOUL" in black at the bottom of it, with the letters increasing in size from the center outwards on both sides. The re-quip surrounds the bey in a white substance that gives the bey impressive defense. The substance absorbs attacks, and the energy from the attacks travel through it to the bey, fueling the bey with energy, increasing the bey with power each time. Although this is the case, this ability to absorb attacks only works against solid attacks. When activated, the white substance instantly repairs any broken parts that Ghoul got, by taking the place of the broken spot.
Energy Ring: Ghoul Fusion Wheel: Murder
Ghoul is a solid colored white fusion wheel, with the design of Ghoul's sword on two separate sides and designs of the bottom of his coat in between the swords and partly around it. The blade of the swords are metal, and protrudes out partly. The length it protrudes out plus the sharpness gives Ghoul amazing attack capabilities. Due to the energy ring being just a solid color, it is impossible to tell the difference whether the blades are plastic or metal by sight. The Murder fusion wheel is a thick fusion wheel, that is similar to the Poison wheel. What differentiates this wheel from the Poison wheel, is that it's blades are much bigger, therefore having less blades - eight to be exact - and greater defense. The blades are curved at the bottom of both sides like fangs, which gives it a narrow point that it allows it to sink within hollow parts of beys and give it attack power at the bottom of it. Because of the size of the blades, if one of them get caught in a hollow part of the opposing bey, the damage it deals is crucial. The fusion wheel is all white.
Spin Track: Dark Consumption Performance Tip: Rubber Metal
Dark Consumption is a regular medium length spin tracks with nanotechnology within in it, that automatically goes on a "Kill Target" mode once Ghoul stays in contact with a bey for 3 seconds or more. When this happens the nanotechnology releases from the spin track, and continuously attacks the bey working as a poison and damaging parts. Once the contact is severed the nanotechnology instantly returns to the spin track, as an immediate reaction. The spin track is all white, but the nanotechnology looks like a black substance. Rubber Metal is a metal tip surrounded with rubber. The combination of a smooth metal tip and rubber around it allows Ghoul to move at extreme speeds, and close in the distance between the opponent and him in what seems an instant, making it very difficult to stay away from Ghoul if he is on the offense. Because of the metal tip, the bey also has more control of the combination of the rubber and metal, the bey has more maneuverability, allowing it to quickly change directions, if it misses attack and move to wherever a bey dodges. The performance tip is black with white rubber and a black metal tip.

Murder Ghoul
Getsuga Tensho: Ghoul absorbs and condenses the energy he emits before releasing it in a wave magnifying the attack. When used with the energy absorbed from the re-quip, this ability is devastating, being able to easily shatter the surface of the stadium.
Take-Over: Ghoul releases his nanobytes from his spin track in a black fog where it into the opposing bey. The nanobytes then began to travel all throughout the bey giving Psyra part control. With part control this disables the bey from doing abilities and makes their attacks slightly weaker.
Regeneration: Ghoul releases his nanobytes into the air making it spin at rapid speeds to gather energy and then recollects the nanobytes using the energy that was gathered to regain balance and stamina.
Horizontal Moon Slash: Ghoul jumps into the air twisting himself horizontal, moving towards the opponent in an attempt to cut them with the blades on his energy ring.
Special Move

Kuroi Getsuga:

Murder Ghoul
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