Nia (Niagara) Ibuki [ニあ伊吹] is a Japanese girl character that appears in all of the Beyblade Burst seasons and Manga books. She's being loved a lot, But that's not enough for her. A lot of people thinks she's pretty, kind and attractive, But there's people that thinks she's two-faced and mean. She's not a blader, She's a beyblade trainer.



Bright brown hair, purple-pink eyes, lime skin color, black tank top and pink baby sweater, black skirt, black tights and black boots.


Bright brown hair, purple-pink eyes, lime skin color, lime bow, white collar sweater, pink skirt, and lime doll shoes


Bright brown hair, purple-pink eyes, lime skin color, crimson red papaya, beige gray collar sweater, shiny gray skirt and black high heels


Bright brown hair, purple-pink eyes, lime skin color, long red dress and red doll shoes


Bright brown hair, purple-pink eyes, lime skin color, Blue hair bow, purple pearl necklace, gray blouse and blue jacket jacket, shiny blue skirt and black heels


Bright brown hair, purple-pink eyes, lime skin color, deep grey rubber band, triangle deep grey earrings, beige strapless, deep grey sweater, black belt, black skirt, transparent tights and black heels


Nia is usually known at being very kind, Loyal, Positive, Shy, Innocent, nervous, clumsy and confident sometimes. She can be childish sometimes too. She's a girl who cares about her looks. She’s acting competitive when someone is challenging her or her friends. Althought she Is good looking, She always think to herself that she's not perfect enough. She acted edgy and she was a showoff just like her brother Ukyo, But after she met Valt, She realized that the edgy her Isn't the real her and she changed, But because of her past arrogant attitude, It’s hard for her to make friends because people may still think she’s two-faced and mean

Biologic Information

Backup Story:

When she was born, Nia was called "the most beautiful baby in world" by her mother. She thought that maybe one day, She will become a very famous model in the future because she was gorgeous in her eyes. Her father thought that either. She was born a year after Ukyo was born. Ukyo treated Nia and her twin sister Novia like they are his whole world. He loved both of his sisters equally, But he loved Nia a bit more (He didn't want to offend Novia so he just said he loves both equally to not create sibling war). Ukyo loved to play with his little sister Nia so much. Since in that time, Both were little, They loved a lot of toys. Whenever Ukyo and Nia wanted a new toy from their parents, They cried very loudly until they got what they wanted.

Two years after, Their parents died in a car crash. In that time, Ukyo was 3 years old. He was broken by seeing his parents being rolled over in front of him. His two sisters didn't know that they died, But 2 years later he told them. He had to raise his twin sisters by himself, Take care of buying food and drink and pay property taxes himself for 3 years. He was confused and pressed in that time, But whenever he saw his sister's little shinning smiles, He was happy. Every night, He sang a lullaby his mother used to sing before she died. It helped Nia to sleep, But not Novia. She just fell asleep by reading Biology books. Because he took care of his sisters all these years, He learnt how to become a Ninja and developed a special ability that his father used it to scare thieves and breakthroughs: Shadow Walking. He learnt his sisters how to do the same technique. When Nia and Novia were 2, Them and Ukyo moved to Spain and Nia met Cuza, Silas, Boa and Free in the kindergarten.

When Nia went back to Japan in age 4, Her older brother brang them into the Shakadera Dojo. When the shadow walker knocked on the door, Xander saw Ukyo with a sad face and he realized that his childhood friend lost his parents and that he needed a new place to live in there because their last house was confiscated. Xander took the Ibuki siblings and he took care of them. Four years after, Xander created a beyclub named The Sword Flames and Nia was their trainer. She learnt a lot about beys and their launch techniques when she was with her friends from Spain.

When Nia was 6, She was a blader. Her blade name was unknown. One day, When she and her sister did a match together, Phi came and ruined the match by breaking their beys up and pushing them to the ground and kicking, hitting and beating them. Nia and Novia started to cry and run towards the Shakadera Dojo. Ukyo didn't realize that they were beaten up until they said that to him. In that day, He couldn't forgive himself for not be in there to help them and protect them from the albino twins. Nia promised herself to not play beyblade anymore, But novia never gave up. She was still a blader until now. Nia stayed a Beyblade trainer and she trained all the Shakadera Dojo.

Until now, She being called "the best Beyblade traier ever".

When she was 1, Ukyo promised to always stay by her side and if there's any problems, He's always here to talk with her about the problems. Until now, She stayed with that promise in her heart and mind.


Ukyo Ibuki:

Nia knows Ukyo a long time, From the moment she was born actually. Ukyo always called her Niani-Chan because she was a soft baby. She and Ukyo really love to annoy each other and play with each other. They both had great expectations for the future. They expected to be the best ninjas in all Asia until they found out about beyblade, But it doesn't mean they gave up on ninja classes. They taught themselves after their parents died. Ukyo really loves his sister and he promised himself to protect her from any danger so she will experience what her parents experienced. He don't want her to die like them. Every day, he thanks himself that his lovely sister is fine and isn't injured or bruised. Nia really loves her brother too. From the moment he started to take care of her and Novia, She thought that he's the best brother to her. He treated her and her sister like a celebrity. Nia took care of Ukyo too whenever he came back home bruised from the ninja classes or any other activity. Both really loves each other. They have a strong sibling bond that will never break up. Nia also promised herself to protect Ukyo from any danger because he was really kind and nice to her. Ukyo also mentioned that he will always support Nia everytime in any way. This is a bond that will stay forever.

Kit Lopez:

When Shu broke up with Nia after he moved to America to join The Raging Bulls, Nia lost hope for love. She joined BC Sol and when Valt arrived to there, A lot of boys tried to flirt with Nia because of her looks, But Kit was different. He did not flirt with her because he was shy and nervous to confess to her. He thought she will never date a guy like him so he kept this secret for himself only. Nia moved to Japan to train Aiger, Fubuki and Ranjiro because the Japan Tournaments almost started. One day, When Aiger talked about Achilles talking to him, Kit appeared and impressed everyone with his looks and Nia was one of the ones who were impressed by his looks. Not only just impressed. She had a crush on him. She couldn't believe that a little boy can turn into a handsome hunk. At first, She treated him like a friend, But when she saw him having a glow up she wanted more than just friends. Kit was so happy to see his old crush in Japan. He thought it was the perfect time for him to confess his feelings for her. When the tournaments were over and Aiger beated Valt, Kit gained bravery and confessed his love for Nia. Nia was shocked but she wanted this for a whole time. They had their first kiss and from now on, They're on a relationship. They haven't broke up and they are still on a relationship.

Shu Kurenai

In the first season, Shu was Nia’s boyfriend, Or more like a fake boyfriend. Nia used Shu to become more popular and to gain more attention. She wanted to show that if she’s the best trainer, She’s training with the best blader. Shu couldn’t hold it anymore until the end of Season 1 when she completely changed. He said the relationship was unhealthy and they aren’t meant to be together. Nia was shattered from the breakup and she didn’t talk to anyone for almost a week. In Evolution, Shu wanted revenge for all the times Nia treated him like a puppet. In the end of Evolution, Shu and Nia had a honest conversation about everything she did to him, But nothing has been solved. He still hates her until today, But Nia moved on from this.

Valt Aoi:

Valt is one of Nia's best friends. At first, Nia was in the Sword Flames as a trainer and she even disparaged the Beigoma Academy Beyclub and him, But when she saw Valt with Valtryek winning Wakiya, She thought he have a lot of potential and that she was wrong for judging him. They always end up meeting each other in every season. Valt always has been nice to her even tho she was a showoff. Nia always stayed on Valt's side after Season 2. She's glad to have a friend like Valt. He showed her that everyone can change for good

Miyako Izumi

Nia was Miyako’s first friend since her parents didn’t let her meet other friends. They were friends since Elementary School. Miyako tried to convince Nia to join Wakiya’s Beyblade club and she disagreed because she was already in the Sword Flames. Miyako accepted it. They were still friends even if they were in different Beyblade clubs. Because of Miyako, Nia became a show-off. When Valt changed Nia and she went to the Beigoma Beyclub, Miyako took it to heart. They didn’t talk a lot because Nia wanted to let her old self go. They didn’t talk to each other for a year. In BC Sol’s auditions, They finally met each other and talked. Miyako tried to apologize to her. She promised to not insult her anymore. Nia accepted her apology and they became friends again. They are still friends until now.

Boa Alcazaba:

Boa and Nia were childhood friends in Spain when she moved to there because of her friends. When Nia was sad or was in some kind of a danger, Boa always supported her, Comforted her and protected her from bullies. Both learnt how to protect themselves because they always protected each other. One day, In the worldwide tournaments in BBB Evolution, Boa saw Nia and waved to her. Nia ran and hugged him. She was happy to see her childhood friend after so many years. They both made a promise to stay friends forever since the Kindergarten. Althought they had a fight In the Elemantary School, He forgave her after all

Raul Comas:

Nia felt a bit lonely at BC Sol and she felt like nobody is appreciating her and her training skills until Raul came back to BC Sol. Nia thought he was crazy and insane until Raul took her to his caravan and started to know more information about him. When she heard that Raul Is a beyblade trainer like her, She was glad and excited. They had a long conversation about BC Sol and each other's childhood night before Kristina allowed Raul to stay at BC Sol as a beyblade trainer. Nia was happy that Raul stayed at BC Sol and she became his sidekick for beyblade training. Raul and Nia became best friends after couple of years. She even told him about her "mean" self. She cried at first, But then Raul comforted her and said that everyone deserve a second chance

Gwyn Reynolds

Nia met Gwyn before Dante. She caught him in a abandoned alley, solving equations. When he first saw her, He fell for her, But he didn’t want to express this until he finished his blade, Royal/Eclipse Genesis. He’s not a person that expresses feelings that easily. Nia helped to make Genesis and when Gwyn met Dante, She thought it will be the perfect time for Genesis to show his abilities. Whenever Nia compliments Gwyn, He blushes and gets nervous. Whenever he felt lonely, Nia hosted for company. He didn’t understand what relationship is until he met her. He’s thankful for her till today. In the end, They has a very good relationship.

Hikaru and Hyuga Hizashi:

As you know already, Nia is a beyblade trainer and in Beyblade Burst Surge, She's training them. She mentioned that Hikaru and Hyuga are one of the cutest and adorable boys she ever worked and trained with (Not in a romantic way). Hikaru had a crush on Nia in that season even thou Kit is her boyfriend, But he still doesn't know that and he's trying his best to Impress her so they will be together. Hyuga thinks that Nia is the coolest trainer ever in his opinion. They became Nia's favorite rookie bladers over the season

Free De La Hoya

Free was a very good friend of Nia too. Him, Her, Silas, Boa and Cuza were like a group in Elementary School. They had a strong friendship, But not as much as Boa had with Nia. She still thinks that Free is a great guy indeed and that he’s a very powerful blader. She also mentioned that Free is one of the best bladers she ever met. From the supreme five, Nia likes Free the most. They are still in touch and when Valt introduced Free to her when he came back to BC Sol, They both were happy to see each other and both already used to Valt‘s goofy personality

Wakiya Murasaki

She and Wakiya got along well in Season 1. Both disparaged Valt’s power and they treated him very badly until they both ended up being in the Beigoma Academy Beyclub. He accepted the fact that her and Miyako were friends and he was happy to see them completing with each other in BC Sol’s auditions. They had a nice friendship

Aiger Akabane

Since Nia went back to the Beigoma Academy to train the Beyclub, Aiger was one of the first persons to judge her by her arrogant past. Nia tried to prove him that she Isn’t the bossy show-off girl she used to be by supporting him In every battle. He didn’t like her at start, But after she helped him making a new blade after Phi broke his old one, He started to get to know her better and they became friends

Suou Goshuin

He didn’t trust her at start. He also judged her by her problematic past, But after the day he lost to Fubuki, She was the one who comforted him and trained him to get stronger as he wanted. He started to get close to her and they became friends during the time. He enjoyed to train with her as well


∆ Her second name "Niagara" reminds one of the seven wonders of the world, The Niagara Falls. Her mother thought that she the special wonder of the family

∆ She was born on the 11th of February, 2006

∆ Some people really claimed her as the "mean girl" of the Elementary School because her looks were above all the girls and she was bossy

∆ Whenever she's tired from all the hard work, She gets tired and sleeps on a random place (It happened at BC Sol the most)

∆ She really likes Kit, But she's not obsessed with him like a crazy fangirl

∆ Her favorite color Is Pink

∆ She loves babies and kids

∆ She loves dogs

∆ When she's nervous or awkward, She tries to stay cool and not panic

∆ She always likes to help people

∆ She likes Kpop more than Jpop (Japan Is her national country, But she likes South Korean music more)

∆ Her favorite foods are Pizza, Ramen, Kimchi, Fishes, Rice, Chicken, Sushi and French Fries

∆ Her favorite Ice cream flavors are Vanilla and Strawberry

∆ She doesn't like to dance that much except for dancing to Kpop songs

∆ Her hobbies are drawing, Singing, Studying, Training and Swimming

∆ When she was little, At every night, She used to snuggle with her favorite plushie: A big pink dinosaur

∆ She's sometimes singing In the shower (Mostly Kpop)

∆ She adores the Korean culture and her parents don't know that. Only Ukyo and Novia knows. They didn't tell this to their parents because they hate the Korean culture

∆ She doesn't like to be alone except for the moments she's upset, Disappointed or mad

∆ She's afraid of Insects and heights

∆ She also known as "The peace maker" because she doesn't like to see her favorite people fights with each other

∆ She's sometimes helping Nya Nishiro, Tomoka Akarumi , Luna Akaba and Aki Hayashi with their launches

∆ When someone annoys her, She gets angry and trying to plan a revenge (This happens mostly with Valt, Cuza and Ukyo)

∆ Her favorite Kpop groups are BTS, TWICE, Stray Kids, SF9, NCT (All the units), CIX, LOONA, Cherry Bullet, Nature, Dreamcatcher, SHINEE, Day6 and GOT7

∆ Her friends always likes to hang out with her and train with her

∆ She really likes to tease Tomoka and Shards when It comes to love

∆ Lui feels sorry for her because Phi and Hearts bullied her, But he doesn't show It

∆ She got her brother Ukyo Into Kpop and made him love It eventually

∆ Valt, Cuza and Boa always likes to draw with Nia because they say this Is relaxful

∆ Althought she considered as stunning and she's very loveable, Nia Isn't really enjoying It. People only gets along with her just because she's pretty. She wants real friends to accept her true self and not the external self

∆ She doesn't really like to talk about her past self. It makes her clearly uncomfortable

∆ She had a little fight with Boa that she "spends" more time with the rest of Elemantary School's boys more than him and he didn't talk to her for almost a week. She was physically devastated because she felt like an Idiot for letting bunch of unkown boys to spend more time with Boa, Cuza, Silas and Free

∆ Nia'a motto Is: "If you won, Don't expect for more". It means, If you succeed In something, You should accept that and don't do more than that because that's enough. It's great that way


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