Olympian 90L/R RF/MS

Ultimate Olympian RF:SS is a Bey used and created by Max042599.

Bitium: Olympian

The Face Bolt depicts Mount Olympus, home of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, and the Underworld, reign of the dead and Hades.

HT Disk: Olympian

The HT disk is divided into two parts. One is a light bluish-green ring made of rubber. The other one is a metal wheel with 6 "shields" and 6 "swords" in an alternating pattern. Depending on where you put the rubber ring (either on the swords or the shields) the bey will change mode. If the rubber ring covers the swords, it is in defense mode. If the ring covers the shields, it is in attack mode.

Spin wing: 90

Height: 9.0 mm

This wing is low enough to be a good attack type wheel, but tall enough to have good stamina and less floor scrapes.

Tri-Sensor: L/R RF/MS

This tri-sensor can change between Right Rubber Flat and Left Rubber Flat and if it starts to lose speed in battle, it changes to Metal sharp for stamina.