Paradise Rebirth Apus is a beyblade owned by Angus.

Paradise Rebirth Apus
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Resurrection Face: Apus XI Re-Quip: Ceremonious Restraint
The Stone Face of Paradise Rebirth Apus is a Tau reactor, engraved on the face is The Bird of Paradise, Apus, the engraving is actually a vent for the reactor, which allows it to spread Tau particles, and keep the reactor cool. Ceremonious Restraint is a Re-Quip designed to keep the reactors inside Apus from overloading, when activated it causes the reactors to go into overload, generating huge amounts of Tau particles, giving Apus a massive speed boost, so fast that it looks like a blur. Once the speed boost has finished Apus must vent the energy, as moving at such high speeds creates a lot of heat.
Crystal Wheel: Rebirth Apus Chrome Wheel: Paradise
The Crystal Wheel is translucent white with red specks, it is shaped like three pairs of wings, which connect at the tip and base, the wings are covered in hundreds engraved feathers, the edges of the feathers are gaps, which are used to vent heat from the reactors so the bey doesn't melt, and to spread Tau particles. The Chrome Wheel is made up of three parts, the Tau Frame, the Rubber Frame, and the Metal Frame.

Tau Frame: This Frame goes in the centre of the Wheel, it is a Tau reactor, similar to, but much larger, than the one in the Face, and has a much, much greater particle emission rate than the one in the Face.

Rubber Frame: This Frame has many purposes, the main one of which is vent energy from the reactor, it is stylishly designed Frame, with many swirls, it is covered in microscopic holes that it uses to vent heat and spread particles, it is also used to redirect energy from attacks into the reactor to be used to create more Tau particles.

Metal Frame: This Frame is quite plain compared to the Rubber Frame, it goes on the outside of all the other frames, it is a ring with ever-sharp properties, which means that whenever it hits or gets hit, the part flakes, leaving the Frame as sharp as ever.

4D Performance Tip: Wingspan Ascension {{{partd}}}: {{{partdname}}}
Wingspan Ascension is a 4D Performance Tip, it is spring-loaded, so a part inside the tip extends, and causes Apus to jump, and inside it there a wing-like vents that can spring out, which vent heat, but can also be used for greater attacking power. {{{partddesc}}}

Paradise Rebirth Apus
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Tau Exceed: Apus uses the Tau particles generated from its reactors to create a polarity field to draw the opposing bey towards it, while the opposing bey is unable to dodge easily Apus fires a barrage of Tau particle beams at it.

Paradise End: Apus shuts off the vents across its body, this causes heat to build up inside Apus, Apus charges the opposing bey, and opens all its vents to purge the heat into the opposing bey to melt it.

Apus Returner: Apus uses the heat to vaporise the outer layers of its form to gain a speed boost, this process creates a field of melted debris around Apus, which is sent outwards in the form of a high-intensity heat-wave, which melts anything it comes in contact with.

Special Move

Resurrection of the Bird of Paradise: Apus rises into the air, it summons a sword from the sky to pin the opposing bey in place, it creates wings made of Tau particles, and sheds them to rain hundreds of Tau particles feathers on the stadium, before Apus returns on top of the opposing bey, and purges all its heat downwards into the opposing bey, and barraging whatever remains of the opposing bey at hyper-speed.

Paradise Rebirth Apus
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Level up2.png
Attributional Information
Level: Type:
Battle Record
Wins Loses
Number: 0 Number:0
Percentile: 0% Percentile: 0%
Attack: 16
Defense: 11
Speed: 28
Endurance: 18
Balance: 14
EXP: {{{EXP}}} Influence: Speed

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