Peacock Aero Xtreme
Pre-Evolution N/A
Evolution N/A
Owner Cherrosée
Launcher Burst Launcher (Lunefleur Ver.)

Energy Layer: Peacock
Peacock depicts its namesake, a peacock, it is coloured in a opalescent blue-green, like the feathers of of a peacock. The Energy Layer is in the shape of a peacock's tail, fanned out, with the head of a peacock overlaid on top. The part acts like a condenser, storing the energy generated by the bey, and using the stored power to multiply the energy that the bey can use.
Forge Disc: Aero
Aero is a Forge Disk designed for agility and speed. It is perfectly aerodynamic, sitting underneath the Energy Layer perfectly. The Disc also has wings, which, as well as assisting the bey to jump higher, and for longer periods of time, are also useful for slicing other beys.
Performance Tip: Xtreme
Xtreme is a common attack-type Performance Tip, it contains an adjustable generator, which attunes itself to the element of the bey. It is of a medium height, with a wide, flat tip, which makes the bey fast and aggressive. Peacock's version is gold is colour.

Bursting Boost: Peacock uses the energy generated by the bey to boost its velocity.

Feather Edge: Peacock uses energy generated by the bey to form an Energy Blade along the edge of its Energy Layer.

Peacock Barrage: Peacock uses the energy generated by the bey to fire a barrage of small energy beams at the opposing bey.

Special Move
Heavenly Peacock: The spirit of Peacock rises out of the bey, as it does it sends out waves of energy around the stadium. Peacock's spirit then flies down at the opposing bey, devouring it, before flying back into the air, then spitting the bey back at the stadium from a great height.

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