Peacock Buster Xtreme
Pre-Evolution Buster Peacock 100RF
Evolution N/A
Owner Céleste
Launcher Burst Launcher (Lunefleur Ver.)

Energy Layer: Peacock
Peacock depicts its namesake, a peacock, it is coloured in a opalescent blue-green, like the feathers of of a peacock. The Energy Layer is in the shape of a peacock's tail, fanned out, with the head of a peacock overlaid on top. The part acts like a condenser, storing the energy generated by the bey, and using the stored power to multiply the energy that the bey can use.
Forge Disc: Buster
The Buster Forge Disc is made of two parts, the Metal Frame, and the Rubber Frame.

Metal Frame: The Metal Frame forms the main portion of the wheel, the outside edges of the wheel are jagged and flat, forming a hammer-like edge, which is useful attack, particular for slamming moves. The wheel has holes on the underside, which are filled by the Rubber Frame, reducing the impact on Peacock from both its own attacks, and other beys.

Rubber Frame: The Rubber Frame sits inside the Metal Frame, it is used to store energy from the generators, and absorb the impact from the attacks of both Peacock itself, and other beys. The impact, combined with the energy stored inside the layer, causes it to multiply, the same effect as the Energy Layer.

Performance Tip: Xtreme
Xtreme is a common attack-type Performance Tip, it contains an adjustable generator, which attunes itself to the element of the bey. It is of a medium height, with a wide, flat tip, which makes the bey fast and aggressive. Peacock's version is gold is colour.

Rainbow Exceed: Peacock uses the energy generated by the bey to boost its velocity, it moves so fast that as it goes to move in another direction, it creates a wave of leftover energy, which will potentially hit the opposing bey.

Neo-Strelitzia: Peacock uses energy generated by the bey to form an Energy Blade along the edge of its Energy Layer, Peacock jumps in the air, and smashes the Energy Blade down onto the top of the opposing bey.

Peacock Buster: Peacock uses the energy generated by the bey to form a ring around the bey, the ring expands, focusing itself into a beam that it fires at the opponent, the beam is capable of curving to hit fast-moving oppoenents.

Special Move
Celestial Peacock: The spirit of Peacock rises out of the bey, as it does it sends out waves of energy around the stadium. Peacock's spirit then flies down at the opposing bey, devouring it, before flying back into the air, then spitting the bey back at the stadium from a great height.

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