Renaud, is the head of the House of the Lunefleur, one of the most prestigious beyblading families in the whole world.

Biographical information
Gender Male
Age 21

22 (Plus/R)

26 (Plus/Z)

39 (Season 2)

Relatives Valentina - Older Sister

Céleste - Younger Sister

Frosina - Wife

Angus - Brother-in-law

Isolde - Niece

Cherrosée - Nephew

Emile-Lucien - Son

Friends Kira


Xiao Des

Occupation(s) Head of the Lunefleur house

Board Member of the WBBA

Behind the scenes


Renaud is a man of average height and build, he has straight, purple hair, which he parts on the left side, tied back in a ponytail with a red ribbon, and soft blue, almost violet eyes.

Renaud wears the traditional outfit of the Lunefleur family, it is reminiscent of the outfits of 19th century aristocrats, it consists of a jacket and trousers that are both the same mossy green colour, a silver belt, white gloves, and silver boots. The jacket has gold embroidered detail on the chest, golden epaulettes, and red portions for the cuffs and collar that have similar gold embroidery to that on the chest. After getting married he wore the traditional outfit of a married member of the family, very similar to his first outfit, however it is dark blue in colour, and the golden designs are even more elaborate. After his 30th birthday, Renaud has begun wearing the traditional outfit of the head of the family, similar to the first two, now in the traditional colours of the Lunefluer family, it is white in colour, with purple replacing the red of the cuffs and collar, and even more elaborate embroidery, in the shape of a bird, the traditional symbol of the Lunefleur family, however he only wears this outfit on special occasions.


Renaud is a very vain individual, often preening himself and playing with his hair, despite this he is quite ludicrous, he believes in weird theories, and has unrealistic views about things. Even with his absurd way of thinking, Renaud is still a very warm individual, he cares deeply about humanity, and especially so about people he loves, like his family, and in particular his wife, Frosina, and son, Emile-Lucien.



As the eldest son of the house of Lunefleur, Renaud has had much pressure placed upon him by his family to be successful. He attended the Peacemillion Beyblade Academy with Angus and his sister, Céleste. At the academy he met Frosina, to whom he would later become engaged, at the academy he dormed with Angus, who was often away from the academy for weeks at a time as the current World Champion.

After graduating the academy Renaud took over from his father as the head of the Lunefleur house, and by doing so he became one of the top shareholders in the WBBA, this position allowed him to come and watch all the matches of his best friend and sister.

After the Ramaz Dolsa conflict, Renaud married Frosina , the princess of the Icelandic Blathrakki family, and the pair eventually had a son, Emile-Lucien

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