"I've already won, can't you see that that is perfect proof that I'm stronger? Why waste time battling when you already know the result?" - Beyblade Burst God, episode 23

Ryuu Akatsuki is a character appearing in the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst God. She fights with her beyblade Hex Rychinora. In God, it it shown that she does not have a proper bond with Rychinora and does not believe beyblades are alive. This causes her bey to be destroyed.

Ryuu returns in Beyblade Burst Chouzetsu with her bey Eonia Rychinora, which she upgraded from Halo Rychinora. With the influence of Valt and other BC Sol members, she starts to believe that the bond between blader and bey is what makes bladers truly powerful and starts to work toward not only getting stronger, but to form a bond between her and Rychinora. Though she tries her best, she is still not used to listening to her bey. With her bond getting stronger and stronger, she soars through the ranks and becomes the champion of many tournaments. She becomes slightly corrupted, but quickly realizes it and stops it. After she lost he champion spot to Aiga, she disappeared from the blading world.

In Beyblade Burst Sparking, Ryuu reappeared in the blading world and has formed an unbreakable bond with her newly evolved bey, Psychic Rychinora. She has left BC Sol and travels around the world looking for powerful opponents to battle against.


Ryuu has an average height, and has long, dark purple hair that almost looks black. Her hair covers her right eye. She has fair skin and red eyes.

In God, Ryuu wears a dark short sleeved shirt that come down to her midriff. The shirt is slanted on the top, showing her right shoulder. She has light blue denim shorts and has a purple jacket tied around her waist. Ryuu has a light scarf around her neck that goes down her back all the way to her ankles. She has black and purple tall boots that have V marks on them.

In Chouzetsu, Ryuu has gotten a little taller and now wears her hair up in a ponytail. She wears a long white coat with a jagged bottom. She rolled up her right sleeve but didn't on the left one, which causes the sleeve to cover her hand. She keeps her signature gloves and scarf. She wears a simple dark purple crop top shirt with a black shirt underneath that is tucked into two belts that cross over each other to make an X shape. Two straps attached to her belt fall down to about her knees the curve back up and to the back of the belt. Ryuu wears dark denim jeans, and a different tall boot that has X mark designs on it.

In Sparking, Ryuu has grown very tall and let down her hair again. She still wears a long white coat like Chouzetsu, but the coat doesn't have long sleeves. One sleeve is slanted and falls down her left shoulder, like the shirt in God. She wears a crop top shirt with both sides cut out in a triangle shape so it looks like there is an upside down V attached to the shirt. She kept her belt and straps from Chouzetsu. Her boots are her original long boots from God and her scarf now has two parts that come down.


Ryuu was a very cheerful and bright girl before she ran away from home. Now, she isn't very social, and she is cold to people who aren't close to her. Most people stay away from her because of her personality, but Ryuu is very protective and cares for those who are her friends, though she tries not to show it.

She is a hard worker and does anything she can to achieve her goals. She is also very strategic, and can foretell other's moves. When she was corrupted, she acted without thinking and regretted it later after she turned sane.

Ryuu is very serious, and is hardly ever shown smiling or enjoying battle. The only reason she battles is to win, and nothing else. This is shown when Valt tries to explain the fun in blading, and she ignores him and tells him he's battling wrong. She believes there is no point in battling if you don't win, and when she loses, she believes it is because she is too weak and trains two times harder. Sometimes, if the blader she lost to is her rival, she might seem depressed and doesn't battle for days, maybe weeks until she thinks she can beat them. This later changes in Cho-Z when she is shown to enjoy Beyblade for the first time.

Around her close friends, she seems less cold. She could be sarcastic at times, and she seems carefree. Later, in Sparking, she is kinder to everyone and smiles more often.



Beyblade Burst God

Ryuu Akatsuki is introduced getting scouted by Kristina Kuroda for BC Sol. At first she refused, but later finally agreed. She has a flashback of her past on the plane to Spain.

Her parents were very rich, and Ryuu was always treated like a princess like home. She was homeschooled, and her parents never let her outside because they thought it was too dangerous for her. After her father died because an accident, she was left with her mother and her younger sister, Rya. Rya was always better at everything than her, and she became more and more stressed out. One day, she finally decided she had enough and ran away into the forest. She didn't mean to run away forever, just for the day. But she got lost and she spent two days in the wild. She finally found a way out of the forest and stumbled upon a city. She lived in a grocery store storage room, raiding the store at night for food. She found Hex Rychinora in a box in the storage room, and even though she didn't know what it was because she never heard of beyblade before, she kept it.

After the plane ride she becomes an official member of BC Sol. She trains alone at night, because she believes she is too weak. She becomes stronger and stronger, but thinks beyblades aren't alive, and don't get the fun of beyblade. Valt, who was the first person she met in BC Sol, tries to convince her that Beyblade is supposed to be fun.

Later, she challenges Lui Shirosagi, and has her bey broken by him. She considers him an enemy and rival since then. She upgraded Hex Rychinora to Halo Rychinora. She trains with her new bey. She challenged Lui again, and still lost. He realized what was wrong and told her that she'll never get strong unless she forms a bond with her bey. Ryuu, having been convinced beyblades are alive, tries to form a bond with Rychinora. It was difficult to her and she eventually gave up.

Beyblade Burst Chouzetsu

She has reunited with her sister, Rya who has also become a blader. They are often seen together, and train together.

Ryuu enters the Longinus Cup, where she passes the strength test. Barely anyone knew her name, for she always declined when Kris said she'd put her into battle, stating she can't waste time and had to train. She made it to the semi-finals, but couldn't participate for Phi had broken her bey in a private battle. She, wanting revenge against Phi, upgraded Zephyr Rychinora to Eonia Rychinora.

She later enters the Battleship Cruise, and lost all her stars towards the end. She was supposed to get flown off, but when it was time for her to leave, she got lost in the ship and the helicopter left without her. When everyone asked why she was still here, she told them that she got lost, so casually that is almost seemed it like it was normal.

When she was training one day, she decided to try to talk to her newly evolved bey, Eonia Rychinora. She succeeded this time, and from then on, she tried everything she could to hear her bey's voice again, but she never did. During this time, she challenges Phi again, and loses. This led Ryuu to becoming corrupted.

While trying to hear Rychinora's voice, she stumbled upon the Snake Pit Organization. Ashtem, the founder of the organization, invited her to join. Ryuu, having heard about this place from Shu Kurenai while she was in America, quickly declined. She tried to forget what he said, but Ashtem's words kept on echoing in her mind, and she became corrupted. She challenged many strong opponents, and during a battle with Celestia, Rychinora breaks mid battle because of all of the pressure Ryuu was giving it. She almost gives up on blading but finally hears Rychinora again, and decides to keep going.

She realizes that she has been corrupted, and breaks free. She repairs and upgrades Eonia Rychinora into Cho-Z Rychinora and realizes what true bond is.

Beyblade Burst Sparking

Ryuu has formed an unbreakable bond with her new bey, Psychic Rychinora. She keeps on working harder to create a stronger resonance. She has become warmer to everyone, and has a new goal of spreading the fun of beyblade. Ryuu now travels around the world challenging strong bladers.

She often comes back to Japan to battle or coach other bladers, as well as battle her friends once in a while. She keeps in touch with her sister, often meeting at BC Sol, for though Ryuu isn't a part of the club anymore, Rya stayed. She is welcome there, and often supports Rya from the sidelines. She coaches her, as well as be her training partner.

Even though she has grown warmer, her old personality is still there, sometimes not wanting to admit it when she lost to a blader. She also often suffers from visions of losing, as well as visions of three of her beys breaking (Hex, Zephyr, Eonia). Though there are some problems, Ryuu continues to work towards creating a stronger bond with Rychinora.


Hex Rychinora: Left spinning, Balance type, Ryuu's first bey, until it got destroyed by Lui Shirosagi

Halo Rychinora: Left spinning, Balance type, Ryuu's second bey in God, replacement for Hex Rychinora

Zephyr Rychinora: Left spinning, Balance type, Ryuu's first bey in Chouzetsu, Destroyed by Phi

Eonia Rychinora: Can switch to left mode or right mode, Balance type, Ryuu's second bey in Chouzetsu, destroyed while corrupted

Cho-Z Rychinora: Can switch to left mode or right mode, Balance type, Ryuu's third bey in Chouzetsu, replacement for Eonia Rychinora

Psychic Rychinora: Can switch to left mode or right mode, Balance type, Ryuu's final and current bey

Special Moves

  • Hex Slash: Uses four outer blades to strike opponent
  • Sorcery Boost: Boosts launch
  • Affinity Barrage: Circles around stadium and occasionally dives in to strike opponent
  • Hex Whip: Heavily strikes opponent with blades
  • Halo Strike: Rolls on its side and swings back and forth between the stadium, similar to Balkesh's Dread Vertical and Wyvron's Shield Crash
  • Halo Whip: Slashes the opponent, dealing massive damage
  • Zenith Barrage: Stronger version of Affinity Barrage
  • Eonia Realm: takes the center and knocks back any beys that get close
  • Soul Defence: Defends with a diamond shield
  • Ultra Zenith Barrage: Upgraded version of Zenith Barrage
  • Psychic Reboot: Zooms around the stadium with alarming speed
  • Psychic Launch: Barrages the opponent with a series of powerful attacks
  • Psychic Glide: Trajectory changes and bey glides across stadium
  • Eclipse power: Speeds up and smashes into opponent many times


Celestia Hirano

Ryuu's childhood friend. They didn't meet each other often, for Celestia already started blading when she was 5, and was busy. They meet again is BC Sol, both of them as bladers. Celestia, for she started first, started out stronger, but Ryuu eventually got stronger, and Celestia considered her a worthy rival. She is one of the few people Ryuu respects.

Celestia, who was forced into her blading career because her parents were famous bladers, didn't enjoy blading as much. But with the influence of the Akatsuki sisters, she started to realized she could do what she wanted.

Ryuu, when she was corrupted, challenged all of the strong bladers she could find. Celestia secretly followed her around, observing her as her resonance was getting off balance. She challenged Ryuu to a battle, in which the latter accepted, promising to finally crush Caladrius. Caladrius was damaged in the battle, with one of it's blades getting broken off and got a crack through the middle. Though it's stamina was rapidly draining, Caladrius managed to land the dealing blow that caused Rychinora to break. It is later found out that Rychinora broke during battle because of all of the pressure Ryuu was giving it, not because of the damage. Celestia, having expected this helped Ryuu break free shortly after the match, along with Rya. After Ryuu came to her senses, she almost gave up blading until she heard Rychinora again.

She, being one of Ryuu's closest friends, supports Ryuu along her journey. Ryuu used to call her Hira-chan when she was young, but now calls her Celes or by her full name more often.

Rya Akatsuki

Ryuu's younger sister. She has always been better as everything than Ryuu, which was the reason she ran away in the first place. It is shown that Rya didn't mean to brag or show Ryuu that she was better. Later, Rya became a blader and she challenges Ryuu, and Ryuu wins. After they reunite, it seems they are very close again. Ryuu may seem a bit cold to Rya, but actually cares for her, though she tries not to show it.

She cares about her sister more than anything, and loves to battle with her. Though Ryuu states that she is annoying she cares about her sister and is very protective of her.

They both enter the Longinus Cup and Rya loses in a battle with Ryuu. She cheers her sister on through the rest of the matches, until Ryuu couldn't participate. She is shown wanting revenge against Phi.

Later in the Battleship Cruise, the sisters meet again. Though Rya lost first, she stayed on the ship to support Ryuu.

Rya is one of the main reasons why Ryuu continues blading after she became corrupted, and is the person that led her to hear Rychinora's voice again. Rya treats Ryuu like she is her everything even when Ryuu was corrupted, and after she breaks through, Ryuu finally opened up to Rya again.

In Sparking, they each go their own way to become stronger, but often come together to battle.

Kotone Himeinu

Ryuu's childhood friend. Because Ryuu was never allowed out of the house, Kotone came over most of the time. Their parents were close friends so the technically grew up together. Later, after many years, Ryuu met Kotone again, and after finding out that she became a blader too, challenged her. The battle kept on ending in draws, and Ryuu saw no point in doing it and longer.

They meet again at BC Sol as well as the Longinus Cup, but they never got the chance to battle each other in the Cup. They also both entered the Battleship Cruise.

Kotone is Ryuu's closest friend. Ryuu seems less cold around her, and is very protective of her. She treats her like a sister but sometimes teases Kotone, sometimes about Fubuki which Kotone often jokingly pranks her for. Though she teases her sometimes, she doesn't let anyone else tease her. Her and Rya often visit her family's café, and Ryuu often calls her Hime-chan, though when in battle she calls her by name.

Valt Aoi

The first person she met in BC Sol. Ryuu and Valt are opposites in personality, and so they argue often. Valt was also the first person she battled in BC Sol. She lost, and as usual, trained two times harder to get stronger. Valt, in their rematch, asked her why she wasn't enjoying battle. From then on, he kept on trying to convince her that battling is fun, and Ryuu ignored him most of the time. Ryuu is also shown to be annoyed of Valt, as shown when she told him to stop annoying her and mind his own business.

Though they argue a lot, the eventually become friends and they keep their friendship in Sparking. She is one of the few people who can recognize Valt's drawings, though she always teases him about his art. Sometimes playfully pranks him and blames it on his clumsiness, which Valt always falls for.

Shu Kurenai

Ryuu and Shu aren't ever seen together in Chouzetsu, but when Ryuu stumbles upon the Snake Pit, she declines Ashtem's invitation because she remembers what Shu told her when she was in America to train. Later, Shu is shown watching her as she battles Celestia when she was corrupted.

They are friendly to each other, and often meet each other for a battle. Ryuu often comes to him for advise whenever she comes to America to train.

Lui Shirosagi

She challenged him before she had a bond with Rychinora, and Lui was the one who broke Hex Rychinora. She considered him an enemy and rival. Ryuu challenged him again after she created Halo Rychinora, but still lost with a burst finish. Lui told her that she'll never beat anyone until she has a proper bond with Rychinora. After she finally beat him with Zephyr Rychinora, Lui recognized her and respected her. Ryuu formed a one sided rivalry on her side.

In Chouzetsu, Ryuu and Lui were shown to be friends. When Ryuu turned corrupted, Lui states that he is disappointed in her, and their friendship was broken.

In Sparking, they have mended their friendship, though it doesn't show how.

Sisco Karlisle

It is shown Ryuu has met him in a flashback, before she found out what Rychinora was. Sisco, seeing the bey in her hand, challenged her. Ryuu didn't know what he was talking about but accepted anyways. She had a launcher, but she didn't know what she was supposed to do. She simply copied wat Sisco did, and was amazed of how the bey spun. Sisco easily won, and later taught her how to blade.

In BC Sol, Ryuu stated she wanted revenge for the time she lost. She won this time, partly because Sisco underestimated her. They are on friendly terms, though most of the time they each mind their own business.

Free De La Hoya

Ryuu met him in the forest, and challenged him. She lost, and Free noticed what was wrong but didn't say anything. As she was walking away, she noticed Free's deer. Because of her love of animals, she followed it and ended up in the lake where Free meditates. From then, she came to that spot often to calm her mind, though only when Free wasn't around.

Shasa Guten

Ryuu's first friend in BC Sol. Shasa was unsure about how to think about Ryuu at first. Ryuu seemed kind of rude at first, for she ignored most people. Shasa didn't really like her personality. She challenged Ryuu, and Ryuu won. Ryuu helped her fix her launch, and from then on they often trained together.

Shasa and Ryuu have a solid friendship, and only argues about one thing. They argue about beys, Ryuu believing they aren't alive and Shasa believing they are.

Fubuki Sumie

One of the few bladers she respects as an rival and opponent. Though Fubuki gets annoyed with her sometimes, they are childhood friends. Kotone introduced him a long time ago for they often played at the playground.

She often sees him when she visits America.

Fuuka Sumie

Introduced after Fubuki by Kotone. She is one of the few close friends she has.

Aiga Akaba

Ryuu was first annoyed of him, but later became close friends. She likes to call him "Monkey" which is a part of a joke she made when they first met. Ryuu at first was stronger so she "coached" him, which Aiga mentioned is more like yelling at.

After Ryuu took the Champion spot from Valt Aoi, Aiga Akaba challenged her and took the spot. After that, Ryuu disappeared from the blading world to train alone. This was also when she left BC Sol.


During the Longinus Cup, they met each other and Phi, seeing that she made it to the semi-finals, wanted to see how strong she was. He challenged, and she accepted. Phi, midbattle realized Ryuu's unbalanced resonance and decided to end it. He broke Rychinora, causing Ryuu to not be able to participate in the semi-finals.

Ryuu challenged him during the Battleship Cruise, but he declined. Later, after seeing Ryuu's power, finally, though not willingly, accepts. Phi wins with a burst, and Ryuu, having lost to him two times in a row, trains for the sole purpose of destroying Phoenix. This also leads her to become corrupted.

Later, after Ryuu has created a bond with her bey and broke free from her corruption, she challenged Phi, and finally, won.

Delta Zakuro

Ryuu was mentioned sometimes by Delta in GT. Delta and Ryuu have battled before, with Ryuu being victorious. Ryuu has never been seen with Delta in person, but they keep in touch.

It is also mentioned by Delta that Ryuu has met with Drum before.

Tomoka Akarumi

Tomoka and Ryuu met at BC Sol, and though at first Ryuu ignored her, took interest after seeing her power. She for a while didn't talk to her, instead only observed her. She finally challenged her to a battle, in which Tomoka won. Soon after, they warmed up to each other and became close friends.

She often jokingly teases Tomoka about her clumsiness, which the latter pranks her for. Even though Ryuu is shown to sometimes get annoyed of her, they have a close relationship. Tomoka is one of the people Ryuu shows her laid back side to, as well as is comfortable around, though the former is older by a couple of years.

Later, she reveals that she used to know Tomoka when she was still a competitive gamer. Ryuu states that she didn't recognize her because of her change in personality. After finding out about her past, Ryuu tries to help Tomoka fix her insecurity. Though she tried, Ryuu, being socially awkward, really wasn't much help, except for training with Tomoka.

Ryuu respects Tomoka, though she doesn't show it. She normally calls her Tomo-chan or Tomo, though when in battle calls her by name.

Shae Tanaka

She met Shae in God. Shae wasn't battling but simply watching the other bladers. Shae didn't have a bey, but after she saw Ryuu battling she decided to create one and did so shortly before Chouzetsu.

Shae, because of her fear of beys, never enjoyed blading. Ryuu decided she'll help Shae become stronger and became her coach/practice partner.

When Ryuu became corrupted, Shae became absolutely terrified of beys and gave up for a while. But after Ryuu convinced her, she continued blading. She treats Ryuu like her master, because she believes Ryuu is the reason she started blading and the reason she overcame her fears.


Ryuu's bey. Rychinora had a rough start with Ryuu. It was found in a storage room in the grocery store by Ryuu, but no one knows how it got there or who its previous owner was. After Ryuu becomes corrupted, it gets overworked by her and breaks. Later, it becomes a loyal friend to Ryuu that always stays by her side.


  • "I've had enough! It's not my fault she's always better than me!"
  • "So this is what they call a beyblade....."
  • "No. I've already answered and that's final." -Refusing Kris's invitation
  • "Stop it! You mind your own business! If I'm blading wrong, it's me that's blading wrong that you have nothing whatsoever to do with it!" - Snapping at Valt after he tries to convince her that beyblade is supposed to be fun
  • "I don't battle people I've already won against."
  • "I've already won, can't you see that that is perfect proof that I'm stronger? Why waste time battling when you already know the result?"
  • "Ugh! How many times do I have to tell you! I'm not the one blading wrong, you are!"
  • "You... talk to your bey? You talk to a piece of metal?! How stupid. I should've known not to talk to people who have nothing better to do in their boring lives than talk to a piece of metal." - Regarding Valt talking to his bey
  • "Koto, don't tell me you too.... ugh, forget it, no point in asking." - Regarding Kotone saying beys are alive
  • "Get out of my way!!!! ZENITH BARRAGE!"
  • "No way, Rychinora...?" - Hearing Rychinora's voice for the first time.
  • "No matter how much you try, you can't beat me, and you know that."
  • "What's that supposed to be? …You've gotta be kidding me, you call that Valtryek? It looks more like a dead rat to me." - Regarding Valt's picture of Valtryek
  • "Oh you say? Then how come your bey just stopped spinning?"
  • "Hi..... deer. Huh? What is a deer doing here?" - Seeing Free's deer for the first time
  • "So I guess you really are alive...."
  • "It's not over, till I say it's over! So get up."
  • "Not, you too, Tomo... I already have enough trouble with one prankster." - Referring to Kotone
  • "You've gotta be kidding me, you're a fan of that sun guy?"
  • "Celestia.... wait, you're not saying..?"
  • "Ugh.... Shae, with that attitude, you wont get anywhere. Might as well stop mentoring you."
  • "I'm pretty sure you know that better than I do. You can do anything you want, no need to worry about your family's reputation. I'm sure they'd say this too, Celes."
  • "Ah! Get away from me you piece of lint! I said get off!" - When Rya wanted to hug her
  • "I know you only want to help, but, I don't think blowing up the kitchen is helping." - Talking to Rya about helping out at the Spin! Café
  • "Oh. I got lost." - Explaining why she stayed on the Battleship Cruise
  • "Seriously, what's so scary about a spider?!"
  • "How do you expect me to call them if I don't have a phone?"
  • "You call that a launch? Look, you have to hold it still." - Teaching Shasta
  • "I've formed a true bond with Rychinora. It was rough in the beginning, but we managed to do it. I've realized the true meaning of beyblade and battling. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can stop us now!" - Explaining what she has finally realized



  • Ryuu means Dragon and Imperial, and her surname, Akatsuki, means red moon for 丹 (Aka) means Red and 月 (Tsuki) means Moon
    • Her name may be a reference to Rychinora, who is a dragon
  • She isn't very good with directions
    • This is shown when she gets lost in the forest after she runs away
    • She also gets lost in the Battleship Cruise, causing her to stay
  • She has a slight obsession with animals
    • This is shown when she gets sidetracked on the way out of the forest near BC Sol because of Free's deer
    • She states she had 6 dogs, 4 cats, 20 rabbits, a whole aquarium of fish, 13 hamsters, 2 Guinea pigs, 8 snakes, and a spider back at home
  • She doesn't know how to cook, for others have always cooked for her
    • She keeps on trying though, and mostly ends up burning everything
  • She does not have a phone
    • When Kotone asked her why she didn't contact her family, she states she didn't have a phone
    • In Chouzetsu, it seems that she has gotten one
      • Even after she gets one, she is terrible with how to use it and doesn't know how to use social media, but she does know how to call
  • She is a bit of a perfectionist, and she can't stand when things aren't perfect
    • This may be why she always believes she isn't good enough
    • She cannot stand when something isn't clean, and always cleans it up
      • This may be because she was taught this way back at home
        • She was taught not to be friends with untidy people, though she always wondered why
  • Her backstory of how she was always worse than her younger twin sister was inspired by BanG Dream! where Sayo, the older twin, was always worse at everything than Hina, the younger twin
    • She hates more than anything to lose in a bey battle to her sister, after they reunite
  • Her voice actor in Korean version is Gaeun Kim
    • Sakura Ayane (Japanese) voiced Ran Mitake, and Celeste Roberts (English) voiced Tomoe Udagawa
  • Ryuu is half South Korean, and can speak Korean fluently
    • Her father is Japanese, and her mother is South Korean
    • Her sister, Rya, cannot speak Korean fluently
      • This is something Ryuu is better than Rya, but Ryuu doesn't notice
  • She never calls anybody by honorifics when battling
  • She is left handed
  • Her zodiac is Virgo
  • She mentions that she is everyone's enemy
    • She mentioned that she is even enemies with herself, which her friends had no idea what it meant
    • She can also be friends with nearly anyone, if they treat her kindly
      • Thought most people start out kind, people who do not know Ryuu takes time to get used to people, or aren't patient enough to deal with her end up being her enemy
  • She dislikes Zac
    • She isn't very interested in any celebrities
    • Rya and Tomoka both try to bring her to Zac's concerts
  • Her dere type is Tsundere
    • She is also shown to be part Kuudere
  • She practices Tae-Kwon-Do
    • She rarely practices on screen
    • She also states she can use it whenever she wants, and to be careful
      • Though she says this, she hates harming living things more than anything
  • She often goes to the forest to calm her mind
  • She rarely accepts unofficial battle requests unless she is the one that challenged the person
    • She also rarely battles people she already won against
  • In Chouzetsu and Sparking, she sometimes takes off her coat when with friends or inside
  • Her favorite color is purple
  • She is great at swimming
    • This is shown when she gets ejected from the Ghost Ship, when she swims all the way back to the Ghost Ship and climbs on again, so she stayed for the battle, but wasn't considered in
  • She is decent at art
  • Ryuu, Celestia, Maero, Misa, Emica, Kirine, Sora, Maiya, and Seiko went to Haneoka Junior Academy
    • Rya, Mitsuki, and Yuriko went to Beigoma
    • Shae, Reiko, Arisu, and Seiren went to an unknown school
    • Rai, Reyna, Serene, Honoka, and Amaaya go to Beigoma Girls' Junior Academy
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