Sanctuary of Anubis
Sanctuary of Anubis.png


Sanctuary of Anubis is a stadium that is inside an ancient Egyptian Temple with cracks in the ceiling that lets beams of sunshine pass through. Inside the Sanctuary are torches that light the place on the outer parts of it along with the stairs and doorway where the bladers stand. In the semi-inner part is a pit that has big, hard, rocks protruding from the bottom of it that can cause the bey to be damaged severely if it is knocked into the rocks. Also protruding from the pits are two 40 foot Anubis statues. In the absolute inner part is a wide circular floor that takes up much of the pit's space and it has stone tiles all around it, in which some are traps that cause both Anubis Statues to attack the bey that touched it, dealing double severe damage and even causing the bey to get a stadium out.

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