Sand Andromeda WM:D
Sand Andromeda WM:D is an Attack-Type Beyblade.

Face Bolt: Andromeda

The face bolt is a unique bolt with a motif that depicts a princess' crown. The crown is a light pink color surrounded by a gold background. The bolt of Andromeda has in impact cylinder in its core to send the shock through all parts of the beyblade to reduce the impact shock. The notches of the bolt are specially designed to keep sound waves moving through out sand andromeda.

Energy Ring: Andromeda

The Andromeda energy ring is a gold color that its circular but has three notches that stand higher than the rest. The ring uses a mode changing system from attack mode to a unique shock mode. The attack mode is a normal mode where it has the unique ability to send shockwaves through the opposing beyblade when attacking.

Fusion Wheel: Sand

The sand wheel is a defencive wheel that has two layers. The first layer wraps around the energy ring and the second covering (without touching) the 4D performance tip. The wheel is used to amplify shock waves in both layers of Sand Andromeda.

4D Preformance Tip: Wave Motion Drive

The 4D Tip WM:D allows Sand Andromeda to take in the shock waves circling the bolt and use them to increase rotation when needed. The 4D tip used when attack can be effective when using it's speed and balance. The tip can also release stored waves through itself to create a wave motion that can corrupt other beyblades spin path.


Shockwave Cannon: Andromeda jumps and smashes down into the ground, it then absorbs the shockwave, which it amplifies inside itself. Once the power reaches a critical level, it is released in the form of a large wave around itself.

Shockblast Twister: Andromeda smashes into the opposing bey, creating a shockwave. It then amplifies this shockwave inside of itself, once it has reached a critical level of power it is released in a circular wave around itself. This wave then turns the top layer of the stadium into sand, which it draws around itself in the form of a sand tornado.

Royal Earthquake: Andromeda throws itself at the opponent, either hitting it or missing and hitting a wal, it absorbs the shockwave created from the impact. It then amplifies the shockwave inside itself, once the shock has reached an unstable level, it is released through the tip into the ground as a tremor, which can become an earthquake.

Special Move

Wave Lance Motions: Andromeda goes up into the sky, it then surrounds itself with 20 lances which it fires at the opposing bey in sequence.

Sand Andromeda WM:D Stats

Attack: 17
Defense: 15
Speed: 8
Endurance: 23
Balance: 12
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