Character Bio:

Sazuke is an unknown blader, who really has no confirmed side, but he has trates of being slightly destructive, and having an evil personality, as well as being kind if you get on his good side.

Sazuke is a very weary blader, and trusts no one, so he may turn on you at any time, there is also a hidden secret, when he is pushed close to his limits he can show a different personality, that of a demon, and at this stage the targeted bey could be demolished.

Bey Bio:

Sazuke's partner bey is Hell Kerbecs BD145 CS, which is a very powerfull balance type.


This dispicts Cerberous, a three headed dog also the gate keeper to hell.

Clear Wheel - Kerbecs:

This is a very balanced and heavy clear wheel good for stamina and defense, it also looks like chains attached to the dogs.

Metal Wheel - Hell:

Hell is a multi class metal wheel with very high recoil, this allows this bey to have huge smash attack, despite having very small slopes, Hell has very powerfull upward smash, and can knock opposing beys over high walls. Due to Hell's even weight distribution is has a lot of stamina, and can be used effectivley when needed.

Track - BD145:

BD145 is a unique track with a wide width, it has two modes when used with only Hell, these modes serve different purposes, as 'Normal' kill low track attack types, while 'Boost' takes out high attack types, these two modes can also effect the attack power of the bey.

Tip - CS:

CS has the ability to use all attack, defense and stamina properties, it also has high speed.