Sir Des, born as the Xiao Des LXXXVIII was the 88th Emperor of the Xiao Dynasty. He was the leader of the Bei-Ling Temple, as well as the leader of the Knight's of Concord.

Sir Des.png
Biographical information
Aliases The Knight of One
Gender Male
Past Beyblade(s) Crimson Xiaolong EF145XRS

Emperor Xiaolong B:E
Dynasty Xiaolong D:L

Relatives Titi (Adoptive Brother)
Friends Nova, Fusion, Gingka, King, FB, Spice, Kululu, Tat
Enemies Gandora

The Orichalcos

Behind the scenes


Physical Appearance

Des was a tall, muscular man with long black hair with blonde highlights along his sideburns. He had piercing brown eyes and tanned skin. He sported a white jacket with fur endings on the shoulders over his Bei-Ling temple uniform. This jacket symbolized his role as the head of the Bei-Ling temple. He otherwise wore his Knight of Concord robe.


Des was an extremely honorable, peace loving, and proud man. He not only cared for his people across the Xiao Dynasty, but his Beybladers across the world. He desired nothing more then for beyblade to be used to create bonds with other bladers, and despised using them for violence. He devoted his entire life to establishing peace, proven by his role at the forefront of the Great War. He enjoyed battling with his close friends more than anything in the world, and decided to pass onto the great realm to join them via the Rebirth of the Dragon King ceremony.


Des is widely recognized as one of the greatest beybladers of the elder generation. He was never once defeated in a beybattle, and was only forced in a draw by his close friend Nova.

  1. Crimson Xiaolong EF145XRS: Crimson Xiaolong was Des' first beyblade. After defeating Gallant and Majestic Savior, it evolved into Emperor Xiaolong.
  2. Emperor Xiaolong B:E: Emperor Xiaolong was Des' favorite beyblade because it is the beyblade he used to capture the majority of his victories. Prior to the very start of the great war, Des called upon more power, resulting in his discovery of the Helix Element. After discovering this great power, he utilized it to fight in the Great War, this resulted in Emperor Xiaolong evolving into Dynasty Xiaolong.
  3. Dynasty Xiaolong D:L: Dynasty Xiaolong was Des' most powerful beyblade, but he disliked it because he used it mainly for fighting and causing destruction during the great war.


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