Sky Raiders Filled
Team SkyRaiders
Also known as: I dunno
Biographical Information
Team Type: Balance, Defense, and Stamina.
Lead By: FastBlade
Rivals: I dunno
Main Element: Mostly flying with some exceptions

SkyRaiders is a team representing the U.S.A.


To join Team SkyRaiders, you must prove better than or equal to the members already.You must be fierce, and never back down from a battle. You must also be aware that we DO get injured here at team SkyRaiders.. Finnaly, you must not join other teams or the WBBA. UPDATE! UNTIL JUNE 23, QUALIFICATIONS FOR JOINING WILL SIMPLY BE TO IMPRESS THE LEADER IN 5 DIFFERENT COURSES AND/OR BATTLES.


  • Fastblade-The Powerful and brave leader of team SkyRaiders


Team SkyRaiders is currently looking for three worthy members to join. Talk to FB for further info.