Tigris Jerk Gyro
Pre-Evolution N/A
Evolution N/A
Owner Lin Menghu
Launcher Burst Launcher (Peacemillion Ver.)

Energy Layer: Tigris
Tigris depicts Byakko, the White Tiger of the West, it is mottled white and black, with gold accents. Tigris depicts a curled tiger, paws outstretched, on top of which is a golden hexagon, emblazoned with the character for Byakko. Tigris contains a condenser, which stores excess energy generated from the Performance Tip for later use.
Forge Disc: Jerk
Jerk is a Forge Disc with a peculiar internal mechanism. Jerk has a mechanism that, when activated, causes the bey to jerk around erratically, making it a good Forge Disc for dodging attacks. Jerk is a symmetrical shape, with two contact points in the shape of trapezium, and the rest is rippled, sitting under the Energy Layer to form a lip to catch opposing beys. Tigris's version is painted red and gold.
Performance Tip: Gyro
Gyro is a common balance-type Performance Tip, inside the Performance Tip, it has a gyroscope, which keeps the bey balanced. The tip is sharp, to work better with the gyroscope, however different versions with different tips are available. Gyro contains an adjustable generator, which attunes itself to the element of the bey. Tigris's version of Gyro is a mottled white and black.

Tiger's Roar: Tigris uses the energy generated by the bey to create a powerful beam which it fires at the opposing bey, as the beam is released it lets out a sound similar to a Tiger's roar.

Striped Slash: Tigris uses energy created by the bey to create a small energy blade on the Energy Layer, combined with the Jerk mechanism, it barrages the opposing bey in a wild, erratic movement.

White Strike: Tigris uses the energy stored in the condenser to create a series of small beams, which, combined with the erratic movement of Jerk, creates a barrge that is hard to dodge.

Special Move
Tiger of the West: The spirit of Tigris pounces out of the bey, attacking the other bey with its claws, slashing it. Tigris then jumps into the sky, falling back down claws first and impaling the opposing bey on its claws.

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