Tomoka Akarumi (明るみ 智花) is a character appearing in the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst God.

She is known for being very insecure and timid before a match, sometimes to the point of being clumsy and failing the launch. Her beyblade is Atomic Tanuki.


Tomoka is a girl with pastel pink hair and red eyes. She mostly wears her hair in a ponytail, tied with her characteristic red bow.

Her Beyblade Burst God clothes most consists on a pink hoodie with red cherries, and a yellow shirt with pink and white stripes, with a small animal on the center, which symbolizes the tanuki.

She also often appears with bandaids on her face.


Tomoka is a very clumsy girl, often trips or fall. This is all because of her anxiety of failing, which she tries to stop day by day. She's shy around new people, but tries her best to act like a normal girl. Tomoka is also shown to be very insecure, and often thinks down on herself, scared she may lose and bring her team down.

Later on the anime with the help of her friends she acts more confident on herself, but still with her clumsy actitude.



Before Beyblade, she was a competitive gamer. Very competitive and confident, as she was the number 1 player of Japan. She won every tournament. That was before she lost her first battle against her most hated rival. After she lost, many people were dissapointed in her, and her rivals often made fun of her. This was what made Tomoka a insecure girl.

One day after school, she was walking alone while she found a beyblade on the floor. She never was a fan of these, but was a bit surprised it was just there. She thought the reason of it was because people thought that beyblade was useless, just as people thought Tomoka was the useless one. She felt a conection with it and kept it. She started practicing alone after school, and often doing some battles with other kids. One day Kristina was passing by as she watched Tomoka's bey. She saw her potential and invited her to join BC Sol, which she did.

Beyblade Burst

Tomoka does not appear much in Beyblade Burst, but is often mentioned by Lui, specially when talking to Valt. He would say things such as "You're just like her", refering how both Valt and Tomoka didnt understand their own beys. She also sometimes appear as a backgroud character with Akira.

Beyblade Burst God

Tomoka is one of the mayor characters in God, as she is one of the active bladers that participed on the European/World League. She tried her best in every battle, but due to her shy nature she often had problems in battles. Her friends noticed this, and decided to help her. With their help, she became a more confident blader, and helped her team win. She was also one of the chosen bladers to play at the International Blader's Cup, but lost her 4th match against Lui Shirosagi.

Beyblade Burst Chouzetsu

Tomoka appears in Chouzetsu training with Lui and Suoh. Aiga was surprised about how good Tomoka was and asked for a battle, Tomoka winning only by luck, since then Aiga considered her a rival. She also appears watching the Longinus Cup. Later she joins Aiga and the others to defeat Hearts at The Dread Tower, almost getting her bey stolen by the phantom thief, Count Night. Finally she tries to stop Phi like all the others, but ended getting her bey destroyed.

Beyblade Burst Gachi

Tomoka does not appear in Gachi, but is often mentioned by Aiga and Drum. She is also mentioned to be the one of the mentors of Drum and Delta.

Beyblade Burst Sparking



Lui Shirosagi

Tomoka was Lui's childhood friend, as they were on the same school. She was always a bit scared of him, but always tried to be nice. After Tomoka transfered school, she never saw him again. That was before she saw him blading and was surprised he also was a blader. Tomoka asked him if he was up for a match, and he told her she wasnt good enough to play against him. Since then Tomoka as always trained hard to beat Lui, and become friends with him again. Later Tomoka shows Lui how much she improved, and he decided she was good enough to play against him.

Akira Yamabuki

Akira is Tomoka's kohai, as they both used to go to the same school, and Akira often asks Tomoka for help on his studies. Theyre close friends, and Tomoka really cares about him. Its also shown they are both fans of Zac, and they usually go together to his concerts.

Free De La Hoya

He was Tomoka's first friend after she joined BC Sol. He helped her to understand her bey more, and often practiced together. Tomoka also loves to watch him training outside, mostly to see and pet the deer.

Sisco Karlisle

Tomoka was Sisco's classmate, but never really talked with him. One day one of Sisco's friend saw Tomoka playing, and went to tell him, as he was the only blader on the school. The only time they talked was when Sisco went to ask Tomoka for a fight, in which she got so nervious she lost. They never talked again after that, until Sisco joined BC Sol. They both were very surprised but also very annoyed about it. After one more battle, Sisco forced Tomoka to do a "special training" with him, as he couldnt stand having someone so weak on his team. After some training he noticed Tomoka's insecurity, and tried to help her since he thought that was the reason of her weakness. The became closer after that, and finally friends.

Suoh Goshuin

Tomoka met Suoh when he was a little boy, training with Lui. They often practiced together when Lui wasnt around. Tomoka was also the one who introduced Suoh to ikebana (flower arranging). Over time they became good friends and their relationship was like brother and sister, as Suoh called Tomoka "Nee-chan" (big sister). Suoh also admires Tomoka, and would often try to impress her with ikebana.

Drum Koryu

She never appears with Drum, but he mentioned she was one of his mentors. He also respects her, often calling her "Onee-san" (Big sister)

Delta Akane

Just like Drum, Tomoka is one of his mentors.


  • Her name, Tomoka (智花) means "brilliant friend", while the kanjis "智" means "wisdom" and "花" means "flower". Akarumi (明るみ) means "brightness" and Aka (赤) means red, like her eyes and bow.
    • The kanji for flowers may be a reference about how Tomoka is interested in them.
  • The cherries symbolize "life, death, rebirth and rejuvenation", a reference to Tomoka's backstory.
  • Her favorite flower is the cherry blossom, which symbolizes "innocence", "symplicity" and "the beauty of nature."
  • She is from Shikoku
    • The stories about the tanuki are told in each area of japan, but specially in Shikoku.
    • Her favorite food is udon, which is one of the mayor foods of Shikoku.
  • When she was a rhythm gamer, she would often practice with an abandoned drum outside her house at night.
    • This is a reference to a tanuki story, Tanuki-Bayashi, where it is said at night people would hear sounds of a drum comming from nowhere.
  • When she was little, she liked to climb trees, specially large ones, and decorate them.
    • This is a reference to the story Fukurosage, where it is said a tanuki climbed a large tree and dangled white bags on it.
  • Sometimes when she is tired, Sisco carries her on her back, even if she doesnt want to, but she gets very embarrased and states she hates it, and would start punching him on his shoulders.
    • This is a reference to Akadenchū, a tanuki story where it is said a tanuki would take the shape of a child and asks people to carry it at night, and it would beat on that person's shoulders only for fun.
  • She always carries a umbrella just in case it gets rainy, only to ask her friends to walk with her under it.
    • This is a reference to the story Kasasashi-tanuki, where it is said on rainy events it would disguise itself as a person and invite people to shelter under its umbrella.
  • It is shown she used to have suicidal thoughts, probably because of the bullying she suffered.
    • Just like the story Kubitsuri-tanuki, where a tanuki its said to lure people and cause them to be hanged by the neck.
  • She often teases people by tickling or hiting them for fun, but runs away when they try to tease her back, she is so fast its almost impossible to catch her.
    • A reference to Shirodokkuri, where a tanuki disguised itself as a white whine bottle so people would notice it, but when someone tried to pick it up, it would roll around making it impossible for people to catch it.
  • When she lived on Shikoku, she loved to run around the Yoshino River, this is why she's very fast.
    • Like in Usagi-tanuki, where a tanuki would disguise itself as a rabbit and run at ease.
  • She loves cotton candy, and she says it "makes her feel like in the clouds"
    • In the story Uchiwata-danuki, a tanuki would transform its appearance into a piece of cotton and roll along the roadside, but when people try to pick it up, it would start to move and rise to the sky.
    • This may also be a reference on how much she cares about her kohai, Akira.
  • She is very playful and often likes making her friends seem stupid just for fun, but never in a bad way.
    • Tanukis are known for making fun of people.
  • She practices ikebana (flower arranging).
    • She was also the person who introduced Suoh to it, giving him a gift with a "lily of the valley" with yellow roses.
      • The Lily of the Valley symbolizes "chastity, purity, happiness, luck and humility", and it means the "return to happiness"
      • Yellow roses symbolizes "warm feelings of friendship" and "optimism". But it can also mean "feeling of power".
  • The reason she is often seen with bandaids is because in practice she often fails the launch, making the bey hit her and sometimes making a little cut on her face.
  • Shes a Bodere (mix of Tsundere and Dandere.
    • Yet sometimes she acts like a Yandere.
  • She is bad at cooking.
  • She has a small crush on Sisco.
  • Free was the first one who taught Tomoka the basics of beyblading.
    • He was also his first friend at BC Sol.
  • She is ambidextrous, but mostly uses a left-handed launcher.
  • She loves chickens. Sometimes she even brings wild chickens she finds on the road to BC Sol.
  • Most people consider her a big sister, despite her childish actitude.
  • She calls herself "ore", which is a japenese informal self-pronoun, mostly used by boys.
  • Aiga, Ranjiro and Naru often forget Tomoka's name, so they call her animal names, Aiga thinks she acts like a dog, so he calls her "pink dog", Ranjiro thinks she looks like a bunny so he calls her "pink bunny", Naru often mixes the kanji "Tomoka" (智花) and "Neko" (猫), so she calls her "pink cat".
    • Curiously, the only one in Aiga's friend group who calls Tomoka by her actual name is Fubuki.
  • She considers Lui a friend, enemy and rival.
  • She dislikes Joshua.
  • She is a big fan of Zac.
    • When she met Count Night, she thought it was actually Zac, as she saw how similar they were.
    • She also mentions having various posters of him on her room.
  • She often calls people with informal but cute honorifics such as "-chin", "-chi", "-rin" "-tan", "-run" and "-pyon".
    • "-run" is mostly used in a rude way, so she mostly uses it when battling.
      • Lui is the only exception to this, as she always calls him "Lui-run".
    • Nonetheless, she still calls people with formal honorifics when needed. An example to this is when she was being mentored by Sisco, and called him "Sisco-sama".
      • Yet, after she became more confident she called him "Sisco-chan".
  • Sisco never called her by her actual name until the end of the European League.
    • Before that, he just called her kanojo (彼女; she, her) which is an informal way to refer to someone in third person.
      • When he first called her that, Tomoka panicked, as this is also an informal way to call someone "sweetheart" and "girlfriend".
        • He also called her like that on purpose before a match, so she got nervious and either failed the launch or dont give her all in the battle, giving him an easy win.
    • After that he started calling her "Tomoka", and rarely adding a horific.
      • The only honorific he used on her was "-kun", which is often used to refer to boys.
  • Her beyblade, Tanuki, is a reference to the yokai Bake-Danuki (化け狸).
  • Her birthday is September 5.


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