This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
Tsunami Trident TR145EWD

This is a bey owned by Evan.

Face Bolt: MF Trident

A blue Metal Face Bolt with a wave and a trident engraved.

Energy Ring: Trident

A wave-like design that represents the Aquario Ring but with more detail.

Fusion Wheel: Tsunami

A water drop that repeats 20 times. It has high attack medium recoil and high defense.

Spin Track: Triple Roller 145

A track with 3 rollers to deflect/evade attacks. It is the successor to ED145/R145/WD145. It looks similar to R145/WD145, but it's made completely out of plastic. Like its predecessors, it also has three protursions, and in the middle of each protursion's outer edge is one roller that works in two different ways: absorbing attacks and disabling spin stealing/pain splitting. Its defensive capabilities are equal to that of WD145.

Performance Tip: Eternal Wide Defense

EWD is a decent Tip as it combines Wide Defense's amazing Stamina with free spinning. There is one major flaw though: It has no Grip meaning it can be flung all over by Attack types but Upper Wing makes up for that by absorbing most of the Attack. EWD is a part of the Maximum Series, because Killer Beafowl's tip is considered one of the best stamina tips. However, it is no more than a second better than WD for stamina.