Undead Gil BD125RMF

Undead Gil S:F is an atttack type bey owned by FastBlade. It is a back-up bey to be used instead of Victory Eagle EWD175RWD.

Face Bolt: Gil

The Face on this bey deplicts a skeletal Loch Ness Monster grinning. It is a clear black face with White print.

Energy Ring: Gil II

Weight: 1 gram

Gil II is a light ring making it weak in taking hits. This ring has 25 fangs sticking up in a shield-like circle that can deal damage and cause recoil. This ring is overall a great attack ring.

Fusion Wheel: Undead

Weight: 22 grams

This Wheel has not yet been scanned and researched, so it is unknown what this wheel is capable of.

Spin Track: Boost Disk 125

This has the exact same affect as BD145 exept this track is always in boost mode and scrapes easier.

Performance Tip: Rubber Metal Flat

RMF has a a Metal Flat out coat and a flat rubber in the center, this provides double traction and medicore grip. This is arguably the best attack tip ever, being that this tip never stops moving, even before spinning out. This tip does not wear down easily, due the metal coting protecting the rubber. This tip works well with 85, BD145, BD105, 105, and 230.