Unicorno Spread Jump
Pre-Evolution N/A
Evolution N/A
Owner Galahad
Launcher Burst Launcher (Peacemillion Ver.)

Energy Layer: Unicorno
Unicorno depicts its namesake, the Unicorn, an equine beast with a single horn in its head. It depicts Unicorno's head, the horn forming a spike useful for striking beys, a sword forming the other smash point on the other side, on the opposite side of Unicorno's head is a crescent moon, which glows at night. The Energy Layer is predominantly white, with a black baroque galaxy pattern forming the background. The moon also acts a refractor, which absorbs light from the surroundings, moonlight especially making the bey more powerful, the energy is stored in the Energy Layer for use in attacks.
Forge Disc: Spread
Spread is a rare defense-type Forge Disc, it has a mechanism inside that allows the Forge Disk to expand, increasing the defensive ability of the bey, while this mechanism is active, it also causes energy to flow out of the gaps in the Forge Disc in the form of a defensive barrier. Unicorno's's version is painted white.
Performance Tip: Jump
Jump is spring-loaded, looking similar to a Fusion Performance Tip, however inside it is a spring-loaded mechanism that allows the bey to jump on command. Jump contains an adjustable generator, which attunes itself to the element of the bey. Unicorno's version is painted white.

Horn of Silver: Unicorno uses the energy generated by the bey to create a series of large floating versions of its horn, which it fires at the opposing bey one-by-one.

Moonlight Charge: Unicorno uses the energy generated by the bey to create a trail of energy behind it, as it moves around the stadium the energy creates a wall where Unicorno has been, and damages the opposing bey if it touches it.

Unicorno Destroyer: Unicorno uses the energy generated by the bey, opening the Forge Disc and Performance Tip, to increase the height of the bey, energy flowing out of the newly formed gaps, Unicorno barrages the opposing bey, striking it with the energy surrounding it.

Special Move
Unicorno: The arena becomes nighttime, a bright crescent moon hanging over the arena, the beast of Unicorno rises out of the bey, flinging a sword from its mouth, pinning the opposing bey in place. Unicorno charges, goring the opposing bey with its horn, and repeats the attack multiple times before the move ends.

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