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—The Des

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The Des
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Biographical information
Aliases Desboy96
Gender Male
Age 17
Behind the scenes
Faction Logo.png Bei-Ling Best

Des - Role Playing Beybattles

Main Article: Dynamo Xiaolong B145XF & Des

Old Days of Nonstop VICTORY!!!!!!

Overall BeyPoints Format BeyPoints BeyCash Balance BeyCash Spent Ranking
10650 {{{Format}}} 1540 600 1
Battle Record:20/1
Opponent Opposing Bey Outcome
Callum6939 Hell Kerbex Win
Ryu Takashii Dark Leopard Win
XXBlitzUnicornoXx Blitz Samurai Loss
XXBlitzUnicornoXx Blitz Samurai Win
Ryu Takashii Dark Leopard Win
FastBlade5035 Victory Eagle Win
Ryu Takashii & Callum6939 (Tag w/TheRedNova Dark Leopard and Hell Kerbecs Win
TyphloshionMaster1 Jaguar Win
TyphloshionMaster1 Jaguar Win
Stormer100 Nature Dryad Win
Gallantmon v.X Majestic Savior Win
King4D Osiris Win
BeyGuardian Ultimate Angel Win
FastBlade5035, Trent8513, TyphloshionMaster1 Victory Eagle, Dark Smasher and Blast Typhloshion Win
BoltBlader Illusion Griffon Win
TyphlosionMaster1 Blast Typhlosion Win
King4D Atomic Ra Win
Fusion, Ray, Nerd and King4D Helios, Rouge, Dragon and Ra Win
ReconStrikeCommando Anti Star Apus Win
Typhlosion Phazar Unicorno Win
Typhlosion Phazer Unicorno Win
Typhlosion Vaporizer Unicorno Win
Tempo Lyra Win
The Honorary Mountain Pit Minature Tournament (Mix, Joan & King) Rouge, Loki and Xenon Ra Win (950 Total BP & 550 Total EXP)
Spice and Fusion Zaku and Helios Win
Hunter Mars Ultor Draw
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