Valentina is the eldest child of the House of Lunefleur, she gave up her right to become head of the house to persue a career as an actress.

Valentina Lunefleur
Biographical information
Gender Female
Age 25 (Plus/R)
Relatives Renaud - Younger Brother

Céleste - Younger Sister

Frosina - Sister-in-law

Angus - Brother-in-law

Friends Frosina


Occupation(s) Actress

Socialite Model

Behind the scenes



Valentina is a tall, voloptuous woman of above average height, she has long, straight pink hair, which she parts on the left, full lips, and soft blue, almost violet eyes.

Valentina changes her outfit constantly due to the nature of her career, whatever she wears is normally in shades of blue, green, or purple.


Valentina is vain, constantly checking how she looks, as she is often in the media spotlight she can often be seen taking picture of herself, despite this she has a polite, kind, almost motherly demeanour.


Valentina attended Peacemillion Academy, in the same year as Frosina and Estelle with whom she is friends. Valentina was partially responsible for introducing Frosina to Renaud, however that was also a politically arranged marriage. Valentina studied acting in Peacemillion, and after getting her break in France she moved to America, where she became an instant superstar.

Valentina later attended the wedding of Frosina and Renaud.

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