This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
Vari Perseus R145R2F
Variable Knight

Face Bolt: Perseus

The Face Bolt depicts the helmet of a Roman gladiator with the name, "Perseus" beneath it, while on a white Face Bolt.

Energy Ring: Perseus

Perseus fusion ring has been customized with the variable fusion wheel to create three modes. Perseus can be rotated 180 degrees to change between two modes, "Flash Mode" and "Counter Mode". There are three protrusions resulting in a triangle-like design.

Fusion Wheel: Variable (Vari)

The variable fusion wheel alows the core of the blade to change forms from along with the Energy Ring to create a third mode, "Attack Mode" and increases the flash and counter modes exponentially.

Spin Track: R145

R145 stands for Rubber 145. This track is made of a very firm rubber. Weighing in a total of 4.7 grams, it is the second heaviest track available. It is a viable Track for both Aggresive and Counter Customizations.

Balance Tip: R2F

Right Rubber Flat (R2F/R²F) is an upgrade of Rubber Flat. While retaining the same basic appearance, the tip, instead of being flat, has six curves going in a rightward motion, hence the "Right" Rubber Flat, giving it a star-like shape. This provides the Beyblade with fast and more aggresive motion than Rubber Flat. It also has more friction on the stadium floor than RF causing Galaxy Pegasis to move faster. However there is a downside, despite its fast movement, it hardly leaves the Bey with enough Stamina to defeat its opponent. The tip wears down quicker than Rubber Flat. You can see this by the star pattern on the bottom dissapearing. Intrestingly, when R2F wears down enough, it acts exactly like a regular RF.