Vhast is a blader who is a member of Ramaz Dolsa, he battles with Rakalon.

Biographical information
Aliases Vhast the Reaper
Gender Male
Age 31
Current Beyblade(s) Rakalon
Friends Anyone in Ramaz Dolsa
Rivals Anyone good
Enemies Anyone good
Occupation(s) Blader
Behind the scenes


Vhast is a tall, dark man, who is covered in tattoos, he has a very pointed face, sharp red eyes, and black hair which is swept to the left. Vhast wears a torn black Hakama, with a small white wrap on top, he has forearm bandages, and black gloves, and completes his look with a black scarf, and a huge scythe.


Vhast is incredibly childish, he must always get his way, otherwise he will throw a tantrum, and will only eat junk foods. Despite this he is actually a very skilled blader, although when he loses he will breakdown crying.


Vhast battles with Rakalon, a bey with the power of the Black Rings, he is skilled with this bey.


Vhast joined Ramaz Dolsa many years ago, his history is unknown due to the fact he damaged his brain, and when it was reset Vhast became like a child stuck in a grown man's body.

Vhast had Rakalon before he had his accident, it is assumed they were paired because they worked well together.

Powers and Abilities

Flotation: Vhast has the ability to float. He can ascend and descend or just move forward, backward, and side to side.

Enhanced Strength: Vhast has enhanced strength. This feat is shown when he engages in a physical fight with Psyra, throwing him quite farther than any normal being would be able to do.


Scythe: Vhast carries around a huge scythe everywhere he goes. He claims that the scythe gives him the ability to use Rakalon.

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