Victory Eagle EWD145 RWD is a defence Bey owned by FastBlade. It later evolves into Freedom Eagle V:W.

Victory Eagle EWD175 RWD
Bald eagle

Face Bolt: Eagle

The Face on this Beyblade depicts Aquila, Latin for "eagle" and one of the 88 constellations in space. In mythology, Aquila is Jupiter's pet eagle, which is featured on this Beyblade's Face.

Energy Ring: Eagle

Weight: 24 grams

Aquila was first released in a translucent purple color. Each side of this Clear Wheel represents an Eagle's pair of wings, with the notches on either side representing its head. It was clearly designed to fit with the aesthetic of the Earth Metal Wheel with its two spikes/notches fitting nicely over the small notches on the inner section of Earth.

Fusion Wheel: Victory

Weight: 4 pounds

Victory is, by far, the heaviest wheel at a whopping 4 pounds. Victory is completly round, and rests lower than the base of the wheel. However, even being completly round, Victory DOES have smash attack, and can take recoil as well. The inside of Victory is shaped like an Eagle. When the ring Eagle is placed, It resembles Eagle on Earth. It has been revealed that Victory can shed metal to lose weight, which causes Eagle to move much faster and lighter.

Spin Track: Eternal Wide Defense 175

Eternal Wide Defense is an ok track, due to the extended longitivity of the wings, and the fact that they spin freely. However, due to height, this track has some offensive cappabillites and even Stamina and Defense. It was originally designed to be a 145 track that could switch to 230.

Performance Tip: Rubber Wide Defense

This tip has AMAZING defensive powers due to it's out of this world grip and traction AND friction. However, when knocked on the "wide" part, this tip loses friction and usually charges at random with devestating power. It is easily the best, and hardest defensive tip to master.

Claw Ganghan Stats

Victory Eagle EWD175 RWD's Statistics:
Attack Defense Control Stamina Speed
200 76 50 65 200

Special Move

Eagle Sky Bomb: FastBlade's Signature Move. This simply consists of Eagle fling up and crashing down with great force. It has been slightly improved so that Eagle keeps balance after impact.


Tornado Wind: Using RWD, Eagle creates a tornado thanks to increased friction, similar to Lion Gale Force Wall.

Pounding ShockWave: Eagle flys high up, and comes crashing down at an angle to cause fierce shockwaves to attack and knock beys off balance with.