Vixin Kirouni is a student blader who attends Peacemillion Academy, and battles with Lion Obsidian Claw.


If yō can ' t control yōr bey , then why fight?

If you can't control your bey, then why fight?


Vixin Kirouni
Biographical information
Gender Female
Age 17
Past Beyblade(s) Strike Rover (Original Bey)
Current Beyblade(s) Lion Claw Obsidian
Relatives Gordan (Little brother; only survivor of fire)
Friends Morgan
Rivals All good bladers
Enemies Almost Everyone
Occupation(s) Student
Behind the scenes
User Evil Emperium
First Appeared The Next Generation!


Vix is a girl of average height with mid-length russet coloured hair and brown eyes. She is usually wearing her school uniform with a yellow neckscarf, or a pale light-grey shirt, with mustard yellow skirt, stockings, and a red beret.


Vix has a playful personality and hangs out around with friends such Morgan and Catherine. She attends a regular schedule and has an after school job at a local store. Her character traits include being more playful/aggressive in a friendly way, speaking up more and being more active, and so-forth.


Vix used Strike Rover, however it was lost in the fire that destroyed her family home, she now uses the attack-type Burst bey, Lion Obsidian Claw.


Vixin was born to a rich, loving family in Canada, however when she was young a fire destroyed her family home, and took the lives of her parents, leaving only her and her younger brother, Gordon. Vixin and Gordon were adopted by distant cousins.

Vixin won the Iron Crown Cup, the largest U18's tournament in Canada, because of this, and due to her adoptive family's connections, she was given a scholarship to Peacemillion Academy.

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