This Bey is not meant to be used in RPB
This bey is owned by Jack Lanus and has immense power.

Facebolt: Spinus

This facebolt depicts a Spinosaurus, a gigantic prehistoric predator.

Energy Ring: Spinus

Shows the sail/spine of the Spinosaurus on both sides parrellel to each other.

Fusion Wheel: Wave

The wheel is similar to Poison, only without the lage gaps in between the spikes.

Spin Track: Metal Spike 145

The spin track MS145 means Metal Spike 145 and increases the beys attack and defense power.

Performance Tip: Eternal Sharp

This performance tip is used due to the special move this bey uses.

Special Moves

Shockwave: The bey stays in the middle of the stadium and creates shock waves which throws the oposing bey off balance.

Whirlpool: Bey creates a whirlpool and it engulfs the opponent, it does not get sucked in itself because of its performance tip.

Win/Lose record

Galaxy Pegasus: Won

Hades Kerbecs: Won

Ray Striker: Won

Nightmare Rex: Draw

Meteo L-Drago: Draw

Galaxy Pegasus: Lose

Flame Sagittario: Won

Earth Eagle: Won

150 Generic Beys: Won

Venom Sinothos: Lose (destroyed, but fixed later on)

TOTAL: 75% out of 100%