Xiao Des LXXXIX is the current head of the Bei-Ling temple, as well as the 89th heir to the Xiao Dynasty.

Xiao Des 2.png
Biographical information
Aliases Des
Gender Male
Age 19

20 (Plus/R)

24 (Plus/Z)

Current Beyblade(s) Exia Xiaolong
Occupation(s) Head of the Bei-Ling Temple

Heir of the Xiao Dynasty

Behind the scenes
User Desboy96


Physical Appearance

Des is a tall young man with bright blue eyes and spiky black hair. His face is marked with a symbol that represents his role as heir to the Xiao Dynasty. He sports an outfit that main comprises of a sleeveless, hooded jacket accompanied by several under shirts. He completes his outfit with long finger-less sleeves, black pants and long black boots.

Personality & Relationships

Des is defined by his willingness to live up to the expectations of the Bei-Ling elders. They expect him to become the one true emperor of the Xiao Dynasty, a role that would make him the most powerful man in China. His pride derives from his heritage as the 89th reincarnation of China's greatest leader. Because his life revolving around becoming an authority figure, Des is commonly recognized as a leader, and a prodigy in everything that he does. Despite his heritage and talents, Des remains a humble young man who respects all who cross his path.


Exia Xiaolong: Des received Exia Xiaolong after completing the Bei-Ling Elder's training. He has yet to master the beyblade's full power, and often struggles to control Xiaolong 's Beast after it's released during battle.


Xiao Des is the most recent reincarnation of Sir Des, the 88th Emperor of the Xiao Dynasty. Sir Des is widely recognized as the Xiao Dynasty's greatest emperor. After the Great War, he decided to undergo the Rebirth of the Dragon Emperor Ceremony. This ceremony moved his soul to the Spirit Realm, where he would watch over the World along with the 87th Emperor's who preceded him. The Great Cycle continued with the current Des being born.

Des was trained by Jun Lea and the other elders of the Bei-Ling temple. He was given Xiaolong at the age of 18 and promoted to be the head of the temple. Master Lea is the current head of the Xiao Dynasty and all it's people, but he grooms Des to take over the Dynasty.

Powers and Abilities

Near Death Reflexes: From Des nearly dying in the battle against the soldier in the Amazon, his endorphins awakened so greatly where he was able to separate his mind from his body and let his body react on its own. Due to the body now automatically reacting on its own without any thought, this increased his reflexes to the point of him being able to react during the "last-minute" time-frame of an attack.

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